About us

Pakat® Jewellery

Who are we ?

A group of creative jewellery and fashion enthusiasts driven by passion for design and making of beautiful, wearable jewellery and apparel. Our inspiration comes mainly from nature – the ultimate creator of life and ever-expanding universe.

What do we do ?

A truly unique, original and one of a kind jewellery designs. Finely crafted masterpieces in sterling silver and other precious and non-noble metals including copper, bronze and brass. Variations available with and without stone settings including natural and semi-precious gemstones.

In addition we offer bespoke design and production service for companies and individuals. Whether it is about a single jewellery piece or a whole collection we can help!  Please inquire via the contact form explaining briefly your project scope. A picture can be worth a 1000 words so please consider forwarding a draft / sketch of your idea.

How do we do it ?

We are dedicated to provide best quality, value and service offering worldwide shipping with money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence. Every piece with no exception receives hours of work until it renders superior finishing results.

Our mission: “horses in need”

A portion of profits obtained from equestrian jewellery sales is spent to support any direct activities that aim to improve the well-being of abused horses eg. funding specialist treatments, rehabilitation, medicine, etc. Other indirect help involves donations made to horse welfare organizations, charities and rescue centers.